Product Care:

We strive to ensure our products are of the best possible quality and value to our customers.  Like all garments, they need the love and care during the washing/drying process to ensure that they maintain their condition over time.

In general we would recommend as following:

  1. Hand wash or machine wash using a gentle cold water cycle

  2. Do not mix colors and whites together to avoid discoloration. 

  3. Light ironing 

  4. Natural dry or tumble dry with low setting and gentle mode

  5. No bleaching

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About Us:

Established in 2019, our web store brings together a range of products that are luxuriously exclusive for women, highlighting the beauty in our customers and bringing the exuberance to their surrounding.  Our carefully selected materials are very comfortable to wear for all occasions.  We focus on simplicity in all our products so our customers can customise them to their individual taste and personality..